Pastors Melinda & Carlos Hernandez

Pastors Melinda & Carlos Hernandez were both saved in 1992. In 1997, they married and in 2002, the Lord granted them their only child, Carlos Benjamin. It was through the ministry of Pastors Josue 8: Senovia Rincon’s of Immokalee, Florida, that these Pastors were not only saved but also discipled for the first 15 years of their Christian walk. In 2007 their Senior Pastors, Josue and Senovia Rincon, sent them to start a mission in Arcadia, Florida and began to plant the church with approximately 17 people. In 2009, Pastors Hernandez, began preaching the Gospel in Hardee County as well, In 2010, Pastor Melinda Hernandez began her radio ministry, “A Voice of Hope”, at the local radio station of “Solman Media”. In 2013, Pastors Hernandez were able to plant another church in Wauchuia, Florida with approximately 20 people.

During the last 11 years, Pastors Hernandez have been working earnestly in both Desoto and Hardee County with the preaching of the Gospel. However, through the radio ministry, they have been able to reach thousands for the Lord. Since 2013, these Pastors have worked diligently one church in two locations and are progressively growing.

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

– John 15:13

Bethel Church – For a New Life

Bethel International Ministries formed in Desoto & Hardee County in 2007. Pastors Joshua and Sandy Rincon sent a couple from their leadership staff in Immokalee to start a church in Arcadia.

On June 1st, 2007 Pastors Melinda and Carlos Hernandez started the mission in Arcadia and in February 2008, they began to preach the Word of God in Zolfo Springs and Wauchula.

Our commitment is to passionately draw the heart of people back to our Heavenly Father!

Mission & Purpose

Bethel Ministries provides services to the community through Bible teachings, Marriage Counseling, Prayer needs and Spiritual guidance to all who are in need.

We extend a personal invitation to each person in the community in joining us for a time of Worship and in enjoying Bible teachings during each of our services.

Our Church Ministry here at Bethel offers different services for all members of the family. Our Leaders and Teachers are willing to serve in the different areas of ministry within this local church as we create a culture of service and spiritual growth.

Our Beliefs & Values

The Bible Is Inspired

There Is One True God

The Lord Jesus Christ Is Fully God

Humankind Fell As A Result Of Sin

God Offers Salvation Through His Son Jesus

We Believe In Baptism In Water

We Believe In Holy Communion

The Baptism In The Holy Spirit Is For Everyone

There Is An Initial Physical Evidence Of The Baptism In The Holy Spirit

Sanctification Is A Process That Aligns Us With God

God Designed The Church For A Purpose And Mission

God Calls Some To Lead In Ministry

God Provides Healing Through The Atonement

Our Future Is Anchored In The Blessed Hope

Christ Will Rule The Earth For A Millennium

There Will Be A Final Judgment For All

Christians Will Enjoy The New Heavens And The New Earth