Grow in your faith for a new life
Growing in Christ
Everyone has room to grow as a follower of Christ. Bethel provides a wide variety of opportunities for personal growth from the newest believer to the those with years of experience.
Life Groups
We strongly believe in the need to carry out Bible Studies in the homes and not only at church. the Bible says that Jesus went into peoples homes to teach as well as heal the sick. Through our in home Life Groups we are able to create a warmer atmosphere in which people can feel more comfortable receiving the Word of God and as a result, grow in their relationship with the Lord.
It was 2002 when our Immokalee ministry was first introduced to a 3 day retreat called Encounters. These retreats are focused on helping people heal inner wounds and have a personal encounter with the Lord. Every three months, these retreats are hosted at our Immokalee Ranch. The first weekend retreat is for young girls and women. The following weekend is for young boys and men. 98% of the time we experience the same results…people being transformed by the power of God.


Through our weekly radio program we are able to reach thousands of listeners, some who already know Christ and are being strengthened in God’s word, and others who are seeking to know Him. This has been an incredible outreach ministry for Bethel as we have led many of our current members to Christ initially through the radio program.

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