Christian Counseling

Grow in your faith for a new life

There’s A Difference

While both Christian counseling and secular counseling share the desire to help people overcome their issues, find meaning in life, and become well-adjusted, healthy individuals, Christian counseling goes even further to help align a persons life with the commands and teaching of God’s Word. Bethel provides counseling to both married couples and youth and our focus is the Bible’s practical wisdom and concepts to instruct you in a way that will help heal your inner wounds and draw you near to God.

Marriage Counseling

The reasons for seeking Christian marriage counseling are similar to the reasons for seeking any type of marriage counseling. For those in a relationship that are experiencing issues and searching for help, Bethel offers Christian counseling that provides the type of guidance that leads to healing. Our goal is to follow the beliefs and practices set forth in the Bible in order to offer spiritual guidance with the right foundation.

Youth Counseling

We offer counseling for children and adolescents that focuses on their unique need in order to help them grow emotionally, socially, mentally, and spiritually. Children often have difficulty expressing how they feel, or even knowing how they feel, so we use a variety of techniques that encourage self-expression. Our biblically based counseling will help your child understand biblical principles and give them a foundation for developing an understanding of their struggles and how to cope with them.

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