Servant Ministry

Ministering to the needs of the entire family

Serving Others

There are a number of opportunities for member to use their gifts in service to others. It’s important to get involved at Bethel and find your place in service to the Lord. One of our staff members or ministry leaders can talk to you further about where you feel would be the best place for you.

Usher Ministry

We believe that one of the best ways to serve the Lord is to serve people.  Jesus said in Matthew 20:28, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give His life as a ransom for many.”.  We seriously believe in serving and activating the local body into action and the Usher Ministry is one of the fastest ways people to be involved.  They are led by a Director of Ushers who trains the new volunteers that have followed the local church channels in getting involved.  We welcome all who feel that desire to serve others to be a part of this awesome ministry.


We understand that not everyone has the means to get to church through their own transportation, so our church has provided a van to pick those up who need transportation to services.  We believe that no-one should stay home due to lack of transportation.  By contacting the office at 863-266-3468 in advance, we can provide transportation to individuals and families in need.

Child Care
Bethel provides child care in each of our services for children ages 3 and under. There are female team members that do their best to care diligently for the toddlers and babies. This allows parents to enjoy the service to their fullest and be at peace knowing their children are being cared for.
Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry meets during our mid-week evening service and they are taught Biblical teachings that relate to issues that they may face in this season of their lives. Our Teachers and Youth Leaders are continually instructed on how to teach and work with the youth in our ministry. Our leaders are excited to make social trips with the youth and host special events for them as well. This year, our youth are working towards establishing a youth worship team and band.

Have questions about our ministries?
Email us at or call us on 863.266.3468