Fellowship Take Different Forms

Bethel encourages you to attend any of our socials, retreats or conferences throughout the year. We offer a variety of events that will open up opportunities for you to come together with other believers and build relationships in Christ.


Our Church also believes strongly in Koinonia (Greek word for fellowship).  The First church of believers in the book of Acts were a very united group of people who not only prayed, worshipped and witnessed but they also had intense fellowship by meeting in houses and breaking bread together.  The local church body is a spiritual family that not only requires unity in worship services but also by interacting together through fellowship.  So throughout different times of the year, our church will carry out picnics on the 4 Acre property of our Arcadia church.  We have a great time of eating, playing games, sport competitions and just hanging out with each other.

Local Retreats
We strongly believe that the church body not only needs great worship services but every member of the local body should also be trained adequately.  Our different types of retreats during the year allow the church to be trained and develop an understanding of who we are in Christ and why we do what we do.  Our Retreats typically consists of a 6 to 8 hour trainings on a  Saturday of a month and these are some of the categories that we have already began to develop: Youth (Promise Land Retreat), Kid’s (Little Giant’s Retreat), Singles, Entrepreneur, Leadership and New Believers Retreat.  Our Pastors strongly believe that ignorance should be educated not tolerated.
As of December 2017, Pastor Melinda began having Women’s Conferences in Hotel gatherings.  The idea is to draw more women from the Southwest Florida area to come together to worship and fellowship together.  These conferences last all day and they consist of a spiritual and fellowship program so that women can mingle and pray for each other however the Spirit leads.  The day will consist of workshops, general sessions and simple entertainment.  These conferences are growing each time and we expect to take them to another platform in the near future.  As of right now, we’ve only done Women Conferences but are working towards having Men’s and Singles Conferences as well.
Kids Retreats
It was 2002 when our Immokalee ministry was first introduced to a 3 day retreat called Encounters. These retreats are focused on helping people heal inner wounds and have a personal encounter with the Lord. Every three months, these retreats are hosted at our Immokalee Ranch. The first weekend retreat is for young girls and women. The following weekend is for young boys and men. 98% of the time we experience the same results…people being transformed by the power of God.
Have Questions?
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